Authorpreneur in Pajamas by Geraldine Solon – A Review


by Archana Murthy

‘Authorpreneur in Pajamas’ – The title of the book invoked an enticing image. I imagined myself with a mug of steaming, Indian filter coffee in my left hand and my right hand moving expertly on my mac’s trackpad to browse through my Feedly lists. Wait. We have to finish reading the rest of the title: ‘Building Your Author Platform Without Leaving Your Home’. I was all ears.

The book, a rapid 80 page read, gives the readers a brief overview of the importance of an author platform in self-publishing. At its core, the book reiterates a reality that is often neglected by writers who self-publish or aspire to self-publish: a self-published writer runs a small business i.e. is an ‘authorpreneur’. The reader gets a quick peek into topics that may pique a writer’s interest: ‘Identify Who Your Readers Are’, ‘You Published Your Book, Now What?’, ‘Sales and Marketing Are From Different Planets’, and so on.

Here are a few useful tips from the book:

1. Cross Promotion with Other Authors Build Synergy

Cross promotion is a marketing tool beyond borders, according to the author. She shares the example of a group of authors who got together to support the book launches of one author. The authors found ways to leverage their audiences and expertise to promote each other. For example, promotional Tweets and Facebook posts, author interviews and book reviews.

2. Joining Contests Provide Exposure

The author cautions the readers to tread carefully and ensure they enter legitimate contests. Winning an award was a fruitful experience for the author thus earning her a ‘award winning author’ tag in her bio. She lists a number of writing competitions in this short chapter.

3. Book Trailers

Similar to movie trailers, a book trailer is a succinct, visual promotional tool. The author suggests that readers do their research and find sites that provide free stock photos and free royalty music to build their book trailers.

4. Don’t Be Intimidated by Online Writing Communities and Forums

The author recommends online communities and forums to interact with other people from the industry. No, this is not a place for self-promotion. The author also shares many online information resources: her ten favorite blogs, virtual blog tour sites, advertising related links, and websites to promote free books.

The author does well in reminding the readers that they should celebrate small wins. Do the work, build your author platform, learn from industry professionals, and support fellow authors.

While the book focuses on the marketing side of an authorpreneur’s life, it would have certainly benefited from some professional editing. After all, every author should want to promote the best version of their work. Glaring spelling errors (amongst other grammatical inconsistencies) dissuade me from buying books by any author.

The eBook is modestly priced at $0.99. It could serve as an entry-level read for writers aspiring to self-publish. received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.