Chrome Extensions for The Writer

As a reader, I embrace all kinds of books. As a writer, I embrace all kinds of writing: longhand, MS Word, Scrivener, and Evernote. I use them for different purposes, however. All things said and done, my laptop is the center of my writing existence. And Chrome, the browser is one of my most reliable research and sharing tools. Here are a few Chrome extensions that I swear by:

Hootsuite Hootlet

Hootsuite Hootlet

I use this for my professional (@writerlytweets) and personal (@archiemurthy) twitter accounts. You can share articles, links, and other tidbits as you browse. You can share all content directly with all your social media accounts. Scheduling a post has never been this easy. away!






Did you like the color of a font in the background image on some random website you chanced upon? Get a color reading with one click. More importantly, you can pick the color and save it. I use the web page color analyzer extensively.  I also find color history extremely useful.





Have you ever wanted to know what font a particular website was using? In comes whatfont, a website font analysis tool. Fellow font nuts,  join me! Yes, some of you might use ‘inspect element’ on Chrome but I find this extension easier to use.






A handy grammar and spell checker, Ginger can be useful. Let’s take it with a pinch of salt, though. The extension bugs me at times with some dud suggestions.





Evernote Web Clipper

You can clip whole articles, excerpts, and screenshots. I set reminders on newly created notes I find this extension very helpful during online research. It syncs seamlessly with my Evernote account, so what more can I ask? Also, I like the cute little elephant. On an unrelated note, it is refreshing that the elephant is not a symbol for all things Indian.