NW Independent Editors Guild (2)

How (and When) to Work With an Editor

NW Independent Editors Guild (2)As writers, we understand the importance of working with professional editors in order to publish the best version of our work. We have discussed this topic in other articles such as ‘Is a Professional Editor a Waste of Money?‘ and The Importance of Hiring a Professional Editor’.

At the upcoming Seattle PubCampNorthwest Independent Editors Guild will host a panel of editors in a publishing workshop called ‘How (and When) to Work With an Editor: Building Strong Author-Editor Relations for the Digital Publishing Age’.

Are you considering hiring an editor before you self-publish your new work, or have you been assigned to an editor by your agent or publisher? Now what? How can you build a strong, stress-free working relationship, making things easier on your editor and yourself? A panel of editors from the Northwest Independent Editors Guild will help writers understand when (and why) they should consider hiring an editor, the different types of editing available, how to find an editor, and editorial pet peeves for writers to avoid. We’ll tell you about relationships that worked and those that didn’t.The four editors (one moderator and three panelists) representing the NW Independent Editors Guild are all professional editors who work directly with authors, agents, and small publishers. The panel represents a variety of backgrounds and editing styles, both fiction and nonfiction, and editing at all levels. Each speaker has represented the Guild successfully at previous events.