How to Throw an Amazing DIY Book Release Party

A book release party can be a celebration of all the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your book, or it can be a nightmare of bad timing, SNAFU logistics, and low turnout. The trick is to plan well. In this recorded webinar, Scott James digs into how to plan, promote, and throw an amazing book release party without losing your mind or breaking your budget.

1. Crafting an event story: Why should people be excited about your release?

2. Choosing a location: What makes a good party venue?

3. Presentation: Make your event special without breaking the bank.

4. Support: What kind of assistance can you ask for?

5. Promotion: How can you get your fans and new readers there with you?


This webinar is hosted by co-founders Kelsye Nelson and Abigail Carter. Check our events section for more upcoming webinar announcements!

Scott_Andrew_James Scott Andrew James is a marketing ally for authors. Through the Redhat Publishing Project, he coaches authors on social media and marketing outreach and speaks about marketing, Kickstarter campaigns, and time management throughout the country. He blogs daily at DIY Author about marketing tips and tricks. As the San Francisco Community Manager for, he thrives on connecting authors and freelancers to help get better books out into the world. Find Scott at @scottandjames and theĀ Redhat Project.

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