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(Intangible) Productivity Tools for The Writer

Are you easily distracted while you are in front of your computer? It happens to the best of us. My biggest distraction is my Feedly account! I seem to want to read news and posts fresh and hot from the oven.

I repeat this mantra every day, especially on days when my day jobs make me want to lie down instead of writing: “I am not too busy.” Thus begins my quest for productivity.

1. Phone Alarm

Let me say it aloud, even at the cost of being perceived as a lazy and disorganized human being, I am not a fan of time management. But, I began to notice that days went by quickly and I had made few strides in my writing projects. I got caught in my day jobs, reading, chores, and pursuing my other passion, dance. So, a simple productivity tool is to set an alarm to Productivity Toolsfor The Writer-4announce my writing time. At the sound of the alarm (which happens to be ‘Wasted Years’ by Iron Maiden), I drop everything else and turn all my focus to my writing projects.

2. Reward Social Media Abstinence

I have cut my personal social media time by half. How? The power of the mind! Result: I know less about who visited which place. It has had no impact on any significant aspect of my life. Attention span is better too. I reward myself with half an hour of Netflix. Do not compromise on your writing time; pick your own reward!

3. Word Meter

I added the NaNoWriMo Word Meter to my website The word meter has drastically increased my productivity. The bar moving towards the finish line gives me satisfaction and motivation to be consistent. My readers also get a quick glimpse of my current projects. They love the word meter!

4. Nay to Social Commitments 

I am a work from home girl. It is such a luxury. But my day job coupled with my writing life results in the ‘too-much-in-my-head’ syndrome. So, I never said nay when a friend invited me for an evening out. Now, I pick and choose. Result: increased productivity.

What are your productivity tools? I’d love to know!