Self-Publishing Success Story – Jasinda & Jack Wilder

By Archana Murthy

Need a little inspiration? Here is a self-publishing success story that will blow you away.

Jasinda and Jack Wilder faced financial crisis and were a month away from losing their house. The Wilders decided to head to their basement and write stories. Thus began their journey as self-published authors through the publication of steamy, romance novels. In six months, they published 20 eBook titles!

In the video below, join us as we talk to Jasinda & Jack Wilder about their amazing and inspiring story – from their turbulent times to their phenomenal publishing success. They also discuss their writing process and share valuable writing tips.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Jasinda: “…We decided to put one of the most difficult and emotional chapters in the book on our blog. We had 10,000 hits to our blog from that chapter.”

Jack: “…One of the best tools that a writer can have is to use your own emotions.”

Enjoy the rest of our conversation with Jasinda & Jack Wilder!



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