Tip: Turn your publishing wishes into achievable goals

Here’s a tip from our upcoming broadcast Ten Things To Do Before You Publish.

Tip: Turn your publishing wishes into achievable goals.

There are wishes and there are goals. Wishes are something that you cross your fingers and hope will happen. Goals are something you work towards. Guess which one you have more control over. You can’t MAKE an editor accept your book proposal, but you can make sure you’ve taken the time to research and write the best book proposal possible. You can’t MAKE readers buy your books, but you can do one thing each day to get the word out.

Here what you can do to change your big, dreamy publishing wishes into achievable goals:

  1. Clearly describe your goal.
  2. Working backwards, write out the actions you need to take to get there.
  3. Everyday, look at your goal and identify the next action you can take.

If you find yourself stalled, break your next action into even smaller steps. For example, if the next thing on your list is write book proposal draft and you haven’t done anything for weeks, find a smaller entry point to this task. You could be stuck because you don’t know how to write a proposal. In this case, a better next step would be research book proposals online or find book proposal template.

Good luck with your books! If you would like to hear more about this and other actions you can take before you publish, be sure to join our free online broadcast. >> Details here.